Proposed Trans space
Pride in Brighton and Hove
August 10th 2002

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We are pleased to announce that we have a 10 x 10 metre space at the north end of the park and to the east of the main stage. Please join us on the parade starting at 11am from Marine Parade and after for a free lunch on our pitch. Volunteers will be needed on the day, so please let me know if you would like to help. Please e-mail Natasha.

Click HERE for the web site for this year's Pride. Notice that this year it is an LGBT event, so it includes Trans people. I hope we can make this an event to remember for all Trans people, so PLEASE DO COME!

To provide a safe and informative space for people interested in exploring ideas around gender identity

Pride events have traditionally been an environment for celebrating the diversity of the lesbian and gay community. This year Pride in Brighton & Hove has agreed to explicitly include and reference the transgender community. This is a new and significant step.

Trans people have been typically invisible, marginalised and stigmatised in general society. Alliances between the trans-community and the lesbian and gay community have begun to emerge locally and nationally. In order to demonstrate the progress of these relationships locally in a clear and visible way, it is proposed a specific designated space be organised, by and for trans people and their friends. The space has already been successfully agreed with Pride, mirroring the traditional women’s and young people’s areas, for example.

This is a new and exciting development, further enhancing Brighton & Hove’s reputation as a diverse city and ‘the place to be’. The city is considered by many to be the lesbian and gay capital of the U.K. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is may be echoed in the future within the extremely diverse trans community. Results from the acclaimed and award winning Count Me In survey suggest that there are currently at least 1100 trans-people living in the city; a probable underestimation. A conclusive survey has not yet been undertaken.

Having a clearly defined space that welcomes diverse expressions of gender identity within the context of this event will serve as a physical beacon for anyone with an interest. It is also a simple, powerful, high impact, cost-effective message within one of the highlights, and favourites, of Brighton & Hove’s calendar.

Support for this new concept locally is being sought from a variety of sources, including the local council and other statutory agencies, service providers, community and voluntary sector organisations, businesses, political bodies and individuals.

This plan clearly is aims to:-

Improve the social well being of the city
Raise awareness of individuals, communities and organisations
Tackle social exclusion
Tackle discrimination and inequalities
Improve community safety
Encourage community development

(these are council funding criteria)

The entire process will be reviewed and evaluated and serve as a template for other opportunities and events within the City. Hence, this plan constitutes a contribution to long-term sustainability within the development of the LGBT community.


Provide information and free literature on gender issues, services and organisations, such as the Anti Victimisation Initiative MIND and those listed below.

To increase support for and challenge discrimination against the trans community.Provide a safe space where vulnerable people who express their gender non-stereotypically can socialise and meet others to share their experiences.

Provide free refreshments, respite and information for visitors which is easy to locate from anywhere on the park.

Ensure there are volunteers throughout the day to go “bucketeering”

Enjoy our “Queers on Wheels” parade effort and have a free picnic lunch for every one who attends after on our pitch and give out 10,000 “Gender Diversity” stickers.

Several large garden sun shades are arranged in the corners of our 10 by 10 metre plot. Under each is a teak table and folding chairs. Electricity is provided by a pedal powered generator which keeps storage batteries charged to run a Public Address system.

At each table visitors are served free iced cool emerald green mint cordial or coffee. The effect is open, light airy, inviting and elegant. Linen white is everywhere contrasted with light teak.

Printed material is presented on each table. Background music flows gently offering a brief respite from the rigours of partying, allowing quiet and discrete conversation; a safe space for people. It is open on three sides and backs onto trees and the main access/emergency road for the site. Crowd control barriers allow safe and easy access and flow of people.

Perimeter access control barriers supplied by Pride subcontractors. Decorated with bright striped plastic marker tape and a 2.5 meter wide opening on the middle of three sides. Potted flowers and trees are tastefully placed inside the space. A lighting rig and P.A. is in one corner. A generator is in another.

Geodesic Dome is fire proof knock down timber and canvas construction. An out door sound system is controlled from here. Drinks, literature, food and personal valuables etc are stored here.

Furniture is high quality commercial wooden/cast metal garden ware. These are stored and reusable for other coming events. Five 2.5metre diameter teak tables each with 7 or 8 folding chairs. Five folding fire proofed parasols. Fire extinguishers are kept on each table.

Several helium filled whether balloons are tethered to the scaffold barrier and concrete weights, each about 3 metres in diameter, they carry the “Gender Diversity” logo high enough to be seen everywhere on the day, (wind speed on August 10th permitting). Helium filled silver balloons are tied to the back of everybody on the parade printed with the “Gender Diversity” logo.

Wheels, wheels, wheels! Roller blades, roller skates, push bikes, skate boards, wheel chairs, cycle rickshaws, push chairs, prams, unicycles, tricycles and polycycles. Every member of the Transgender parade will have a small silver helium filled balloon tethered to their clothes, each wears a sash to distinguish them from the crowd. Each has a roll of Transgender stickers to give out to people. A generator and sound system are peddled on a small trailer behind one of the tricycles. Another has bottled water and extra stickers and handouts for the marchers.

Tables, chairs, & plants hire £190
Public Address system hire £110
Helium, weather and small balloons £320
tickers, literature, reprographics, press-release and admin £285
Wheeled vehicle and circus equipment hire £190
Catering £190
Crowd control barriers (supplied by pride) £120
Fire extinguishers hire £45
CD ROM production £1000
Contingency £200
Geodesic Dome (free of charge)
Total £2650

All organisations who work with transgender people are invited to participate

The Clare Project have pledged 1000UK pounds and Brighton and Hove Pride Community Chest fund of 500UK pounds has been awarded


Press for Change

Female to Male Network

The Gender Trust


Beaumont Trust



Gendys Network

Seahorse Society

Trans Prisoner Support

The Looking Glass Society

The Mayflower Club

Trans Living